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At we offer a wide range of high quality furniture, among them cabinets. If you would like to store your items in style, we can offer different makes and models to suit all of your interior design needs, whether they are at home or at the office.

MySons storage cabinets offer the perfect combination between functionality and class. You can literally store anything in one of our cabinets, that’s how spacious they are!
The models in our collection come in different shapes and sizes, one of them destined to fit your needs. For example, we offer cabinets enclosed with wooden doors, cabinets enclosed with glass doors, or storage cabinets in smaller sizes, called a drawer cabinet. On top of that we also offer TV cabinets which can both offer a surface for your TV and be used to stow away decorative items. Our collection contains both smaller horizontal drawers and taller storage units. Our products have robust quality shelves, so some of them can also be used as book cases.

Quality materials for every home

By combining various durable materials in our different types of storage cabinets, they each have their own unique style and type. A couple of styles we offer when it concerns storage cabinets are industrial cabinets and vintage cabinets, also produced with reclaimed natural wood in some of our cabinets. Some of these storage cabinets are made up of just wood or metal, while other successful models combine the two materials to maintain a retro industrial look. They range from colors like Mango Dark Brown to Antique Grey, and from Dark Brown to Golden Fantasy; there is a model and make to suit every taste in interior design.

Wider collection of alternatively-sized cabinets is a young and dynamic lifestyle brand with a new and fresh look at living. When you are looking for the best type of uniquely handcrafted furniture, offers a wide range of products. Besides our unique storage cabinets, we also have some great other cabinets in our collection to go along with your living room furniture, such as industrial cabinets, vintage cabinets, retro cabinets, vintage industrial cabinets, TV cabinets and drawer cabinets. Have a look at our collection!