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There are many different types of tables that can add something to your interior. Our collection offers you a wide range of side tables. In general, they are made of solid wood, both old recycled and new wood. These products are real eye-catchers that give your interior something special. Adding a coffee table, console, or side table to your living room can give that unique accent to the room, but above all, the side tables are also very practical. On, you can choose from a wide range of tables made of the best quality. Our tables are made from sustainable materials such as recycled wood and FSC certified wood. Are you looking for a vintage, retro, country, or industrial side table, MySons has it. Truly a great addition to your living room furniture. Suitable for various interior styles and all unique.

A beautiful side table for every interior

Many brands can be found in our collection of side tables. Metropole, Sal, Highpoint, and many others. The side tables, therefore, differ enormously in appearance and design. Each side table combines wood and metal, so the nuances match. The side table by Metropole provides a cozy atmosphere with its gold-colored frame. The model is very concrete and has a flat surface with a herringbone design. The side table is often combined with the large Metropole cabinet. Another practical side table is the Leaf model. The Leaf is available in two sizes. The top of this model is also flat, making it ideal for glasses and other crockery. The Leaf side table is very modern and simple. This makes the side table suitable for various interior styles and living rooms. Unlike the Leaf collection, the Noni collection is more extensive. Where the sturdy tops of the side tables match, the frame, in particular, provides a different look. The frame provides an industrial atmosphere due to the robust iron legs. The difference is the structure of the frames. The side tables by Noni stand out clearly and, therefore, determine the atmosphere.

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The Totem side table is very suitable for an alternative interior style. The look is very eccentric and is no ordinary side table. This way you create an original atmosphere and retro look. Another model of side tables with an eccentric look is the Sal side table. The rough, wooden top is impractical. These side tables generally function as decoration. It provides padding and/or addition to your room. Interested in the side tables above? Then find out which dealers are in your area. Here you can easily buy a side table. In addition, the dealers are also a good point of contact for more information and questions. So quickly buy a side table from MySons.