Coffee tables from MySons

A coffee table is often placed near a couch or seating area. When you have visitors, a coffee table is ideal. A coffee table perfectly fills in an open space in the living room and it is functional. Are you looking for a top quality coffee table? In that case, MySons is the perfect solution for you! We have a wide range of coffee tables such as retro coffee tables and industrial coffee tables. Because these coffee tables are available in multiple different styles, there is always one coffee table which will fit in your interior!  

An industrial coffee table

Are you looking for a retro coffee table or an industrial coffee table? You will find these in the collection of MySons. You can choose from different types of wooden coffee tables, such as mango wood coffee tables, teak wood coffee tables and solid oak coffee tables. Our coffee tables are all made of recycled and FSC approved wood. Buying a coffee table is not always easy. You have to pick the right height, size and shape of the coffee table. Most of the coffee tables are low, but there is a difference between them. The ideal coffee table is a table that is a maximum of 10 cm lower than the armrest of the sofa that will be placed next to it. The height of the coffee table can also be the same height as the armrest of the sofa. The size of the coffee table depends on the size of the seating area. The coffee table shouldn’t be too big in comparison of the couch. It also is important to keep the function of the coffee table in mind. Will you use it to place your glass or do you want to use it as a footstool? The coffee table can also function as decoration. With the coffee tables of MySons, everything is possible!  

Top quality coffee tables and an excellent service

When you are looking for an easy, yet stylish interior, the coffee table is indispensable. Not only is a coffee table very useful, but it will also add something special to your interior. It creates a beautiful vibe for your living room. Because of our wide collection of coffee tables, it’s very likely that you will find a coffee table which you like. In our collection, we have coffee tables in round, square and rectangular shapes. At MySons you can not only find a beautiful coffee table, but we also have a wide collection of other tables. For example, side tables and dining tables in our collection. These tables are also available in different styles, shapes and sizes. Would you like to get some more information on our collection? Please feel free to contact us! We are happy to provide you with more information and tailored advice. Are you looking to buy a coffee table from MySons? Please check our map, on which you can find all the shops of MySons.