Buy a mirror at MySons

If you are looking for a fresh and modern interior, then MySons is the online lifestyle brand you have been looking for! We offer a wide collection of unique vintage, industrial and retro furniture that will complement any interior. At MySons, you can choose between multiple modern mirrors, each of high quality. Our mirrors are available in teak and metal, in combination with glass. Each of these mirrors have their own look, making them suitable for various interiors. Take a look at our collection to find out which mirror suits your interior!  

Bring more space and lighting to your home with the mirrors of MySons

One of the biggest benefits of having mirrors in your home, is the fact that mirrors make a room seem bigger. If you have a number of mirrors in your home, this ensures that the space becomes optically larger. This enhances the sense of space. In addition, having mirrors in your home provides extra light, as mirrors reflect both the light from outside as well as the light from the lamps indoors. If you want to create more space or light in your home, a mirror from MySons is definitely recommended. In addition, a mirror can add a bit of style to your interior.  

Check out our collection at one of our dealers

Are you curious about our mirrors and do you want to see them with your own eyes? That is possible! Look on the map for our dealers and find the nearest store to you in the Benelux. When you visit one of our dealers, you can simultaneously gain inspiration by admiring the rest of our collection. Perhaps there is something that fits perfectly with the interior of your home. Are you looking for inspiration for a seat, table, small piece of furniture or cupboard? Then visit one of our dealers and view our collection!