Want to buy various home accessories as eye-catchers?

MySons is a young and dynamic lifestyle brand with a wide range of various furniture items. Our furniture has a vintage, retro or industrial look which makes it suitable for any interior. Both, vintage and modern interior styles, are popular furniture among the customers from MySons. MySons offers many home accessories in a very extensive collection of various types of chairs, cabinets, tables, but also pillows and other decorations that completes your interior. Our furniture is handmade and consists of only the best materials. For example, we use various types of solid wood and other raw materials that give the furniture an exclusive look. Recycled materials are used for our products such as the industrial TV furniture and vintage dressers. Our extensive unique collection of furniture are real eye-catchers in any interior. In addition to the usual furniture such as drawer cabinet, TV furniture and tables, our range also includes other furniture such as the wall cupboard, side stands, the bar cabinet and serving dishes.

Wide range of home accessories from side stands, bar and wall cupboards

In every living room, standard furniture such as a table, TV furniture and chairs are indispensable. However, there are other types of furniture that are both practical and contribute to a better atmosphere in any interior. An empty wall is easily filled by buying a wall cabinet. The Ferro wall cabinet iron is suitable for various purposes, it can be used as a display cabinet in the living room but also in the bathroom. The cabinet is made of metal with glass doors and can be hung on the wall. The various serving trolleys and side stands from MySons are practical and have an industrial or vintage design. These are very suitable for presenting nice things in a large kitchen diner. The Ferro bar cabinet is a very special and exclusive piece of furniture. The bar cabinet made of metal is a true showpiece with doors that can rotate 180 degrees. You can purchase this unique bar cabinet exclusively at one of the dealers MySons. The Ferro standing mirror, a large decorative standing mirror on a heavy cast iron base, an could be the next eyecatcher for your interieur. Choose which home accessories fits your needs te most and buy the eyecatcher you desire.

Exclusive products at MySons.eu

You can view the entire range of exclusive furniture online on our website. We believe it is very important that furniture, in addition to functionality, also add something to every interior. For that reason, we offer a wide range of furniture that are real unique eye-catchers. Our extensive collection of furniture fits perfectly into any interior from vintage, to bohemian or industrial. All furniture and other items are made from the best materials and therefore have a very exclusive appearance. It is possible with us to order items in large batches, these will be delivered quickly. Are you interested in our items or do you have any questions? Then contact us and we will gladly help you further.