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We have a lot of chairs that are available in different types of fabric and colors. It doesn’t matter if you are looking for benches, poufs, sofas, chairs or stools, you can all find it online on the MySons website. Design seats that are made of top quality materials. The collection consists of over 30 amazing design seats. Our products can be combined very well. For example choose a comfortable armchair and combine it with one of our poofs to put your feet on. Pick some matching cushions and you are all set to enjoy your time in your comfortably furnished living room.


Within the MySons collection we have a selection of dining chairs, armchairs and a sofa that can be personalized with your own choice of fabric and color!.   We selected a range of fabrics and colors which are unique for our label, these personalized collection of fabrics you can only see and buy at  our selected dealers. Leather furniture can be a great addition to your interior design. Leather is an amazing natural product and it has unique textures, that’s why it stands out from other materials. Leather is often used as coating of design chairs and seats and it gives the furniture a sleek look. There is a good reason why a lot of people choose for leather furniture in their living room. Leather chairs and leather design seats. They give your interior a stylish look, they are easy to clean and they are very comfortable to have a seat on. It’s also important to pick seats that match with your dining table and other furniture, to create a nice atmosphere  that makes you feel at home. A comfortably furnished home is essential, because you spend a lot of time there. MySons.eu offers you a big variety of design seats and other furniture that are perfectly suitable for different interior designs. Take a look at our online collection!

Experience  the ultimate comfort

The unique design seats of MySons are a great addition to every living room. Whether you are looking for a leather chair, a comfortable arm chair or a loveseat to relax in, you can all find it in our unique collection. Experience the ultimate comfort with the furniture of MySons. Next to the design seats, we also have wide variety of other furniture like dining tables, industrial cabinets and decorative items. Our unique products are true eye-catchers that would fit perfectly in different kind of interior styles, for example an industrial themed living room.