Industrial sideboards cabinets for optimal space occupation

Sideboards should no longer be missing in the interior of your residence, according to interior stylists. A sideboard not only creates an atmosphere but also ensures optimal space occupation. The interior furniture of MySons consists of various cupboards, drawers, and other spaces that can be used as storage space. The vintage sideboards of MySons are made of various materials such as oak, teak, glass, or metal. MySons uses recycled materials for various pieces of furniture. This way, you not only have a stylish sideboard, but also a durable piece of furniture. By using different materials, MySons ensures that for every interior there is a matching sideboard. The industrial sideboards can be perfectly combined with various products from our range. For example, vintage sideboards are often used in combination with cabinets and tables from MySons to create a whole. A sideboard is, in most cases, a large piece of furniture that strongly influence the atmosphere of a room. With the MySons sideboards, your living room has a real showpiece.

Create an authentic atmosphere with the retro sideboards from MySons

MySons products are made of high-quality materials. The authentic look ensures that the retro sideboards are easy to fit into different home types. The dimensions of the sideboard are quite large. The furniture extends up to 1.8 meters in width. With positioning the sideboard, you must take space into account. A too small area creates the piece of furniture a narrowed impression. The industrial sideboard looks best in a large room. If you have a small area, it is better to use one of the TV cabinets. These have different functionalities and can be used as a TV cabinet, but can also function well as a sideboard in smaller spaces.

Easy to order from our dealers

In addition to the beautiful sideboards, MySons has many other top quality products. This allows you to coordinate almost your entire interior with the products of MySons. Look at the furniture that we have at our disposal on the website and use your creativity. Are you curious where you can see our furniture? Check here which dealer is near you. You can always contact us for questions or more information. Nevertheless, we recommend that you contact a local dealer near you. They can provide you information regarding sales and you can see the products with your own eyes.