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The dining table is one of the central pieces of furniture in every home. It’s the place where the family comes together to unwind from the daily stressors of life and converse about the experiences that make life truly worthwhile, under the enjoyment of a well prepared dinner. In order to facilitate these conversations it’s essential that the dining table complements the interior design of the entire house, as it is the integral part of every dining room area.

MySons provides the highest quality dining tables. We offer dining tables in different styles and materials, among them oak and teak wood dining tables. Each hand-crafted piece of furniture will add style and class to the rest of your living room furniture.

A wide range of high quality materials

The wooden dining tables on sale at MySons are exclusively made from the highest quality materials. To ensure that the dining table complements the rest of the living room furniture, MySons offers dining tables in a wide range of materials, varying from oak to teak and from industrial to vintage industrial, sometimes combined with metal or iron for the legwork and table frames. On top of that, we also supply ecologically sustainable dining tables made from reclaimed wood.

The oak dining tables and the teak wood dining tables both contain very solid and robust wood. Oak wood is hard and heavy, but still somewhat elastic, whereas teak wood is one of the strongest and most durable natural woods. The dinner tables MySons.eu has on offer perfectly suit an industrial or vintage interior design, and you’ll be able to mix and match with our diverse collection of other interior design furniture.

Our dining tables have an expert finish, whether you prefer flat and smooth surfaces or a more rough and natural look. The dining tables that are made up of wood mixed with metal framing and iron legs combine into an exquisite, rustic whole. MySons.eu offers models in colors such as eucalyptus brown to smooth grey, but we also offer natural wood-color dining tables, so there is always a model that suits your personal taste.

Reclaimed Lumber: an environmentally conscious choice

As previously stated, MySons.eu also offers the environmentally conscious choice of the reclaimed wood dinner table. The lumber used for the dining tables is unique in its appearance, and is both environmentally responsible and has more strength and higher durability than other kinds of wood, as it has been reclaimed and repurposed from sources that were manufactured from the most robust types of wood.

In short, MySons.eu offers a diverse collection of high quality dinner tables for all your interior design wishes, whether you are looking for an oak wood dining table, a teak wood dining table, or industrial and vintage-industrial models made from a durable combination of wood and metal, we can supply you with the perfect dining table.

Please refer to our categories for additional images concerning the different dining tables on sale. In addition to a dinner table, MySons can also provide you with top notch miscellaneous items, such as seats, cabinets, leather bags, decorations and cushions. Browse through our wide collection of vintage, industrial or retro furniture and find the items that could be a nice addition for different interior designs.